Bid procedure

Bid documents must include the following:

  • Reasons why the bid committee wishes to organize an  IPVS Congress [their motivation for doing so].
  • General programme of the congress, with proposed dates [outline of programme].
  • The names and qualifications of those involved in the preparation of the bid and in the organization of the proposed congress. IPVS congresses are primarily veterinary congresses and the majority of the LOC must be veterinarians.
  • The preliminary scientific programme should include The Tom Alexander Lecture, Keynote speakers, Oral and Poster presentations, Satellite symposia and a number of parallel sessions.
  • A detailed description of the proposed venue, including conference centre facilities, access by air, road and rail, and availability of hotel accommodation within reasonable proximity to the congress venue and at a range of prices. There must be reasonable safety and security for delegates whilst at their accommodation and moving to and from the conference centre.
  • Evidence that the bid carries the support of the local pig veterinary association or society.
  • Letters of support from national veterinary and agricultural/pork producer organizations and potential sponsors.
  • An outline of the social programme and formal events; Welcome reception, Opening Ceremony, General Assembly, farewell party, tour programme for delegates and accompanying persons should  be included.
  • A realistic preliminary budget including calculation of registration fees.
  • Immigration requirements such as visa and vaccination requirements at time of bid preparation [it is realized that these can change in the next six years].
  • It is advisable that the bid committee engages a PCO to assist with the organization of the Congress. The PCO must be identified in the bid documents.
  • If the bid committee has any queries, these can be referred to the General Secretary of the IPVS.

Timelines and distribution of Bid documents

Bid documents must be received electronically by all members of the Board including the General Secretary,  by the 31st October of the year prior to the year in which candidates wish to present their bids  i.e. approximately  4¾ years  [50 months]  in advance of the congress for which they wish to bid.

The Board may reject bids outright or refer them back for further preparation.

Should no bids from the preferred region [according to the rotation schedule] be received by 31st October, the opportunity to bid shall be opened to other regions which shall have until 28th February to submit their bids.

Initial presentation of Bid at the IPVS Board Meeting

All candidate LOCs must be prepared to present their bid at the IPVS Board Meeting four years prior to the congress for which they are bidding. A maximum of three representatives may present the bid at this meeting and they must conclude their presentation within 15 minutes. The suitability of this bid, and the ability of the proposed organizers to organize the congress will be considered. If the bid is acceptable, the candidates will be invited to make a presentation to the following IPVS General Assembly.

Presentation at the exhibition and General Assembly

All candidates, who are accepted by the Board, are invited to exhibit at the following IPVS congress. Exhibition space will be provided – all other costs are borne by the candidates.

Candidates will have the opportunity to make a fifteen-minute presentation [strictly 15 minutes – to be enforced by Electoral Officer] at the General Assembly after which delegates present will vote for the bid of their choice. The LOC must ensure that only registered delegates receive ballot papers. Ballot papers will be counted under the supervision of an electoral committee consisting of the Electoral Officer [appointed by the President], a LOC member and one representative from each bid committee. Any bid getting 51% in the first round will be declared the winner failing which the two bids with the most votes will compete in a second round of voting.

Venue and organizational requirements

  1. Local organizing committee (LOC)
    Whilst the LOC may employ professional congress organizers the LOC itself must consist mainly of veterinarians.
  2. Congress facility
    1. The main auditorium must have the capacity to house 3 000 delegates for plenary sessions.
    2. There must be five auditoriums for parallel sessions available

Bids accepted to date

  • 2024 Leipzig, Germany