The IPVS was founded in 1967. The first congress was held in Cambridge, United Kingdom in 1969 and the second in Hannover, Germany in 1972. Twenty-four IPVS congresses have been held to date, with numbers of participants increasing from 500 at the first in 1967 to records of 2 716 at the 21st in Vancouver in 2010, 3 093 at Jeju, Korea in 2012, 2 560 in Cancun, Mexico in 2014, 3 552 in Dublin, Ireland in 2016 and 5599 in Chongqing, China in 2018.

History Booklets

A booklet (download) [5.27 MB] covering the period  1967 – 2006  was prepared by Dr Peter Evans prior to the Durban 2008  IPVS Conference.

The Chinese LOC for the 25th IPVS Congress held in Chongqing, China prepared an up to date history booklet (download) which can be viewed online.

History subsequent to 2006

20th IPVS Durban, South Africa 2008
21st  IPVS Vancouver, Canada 2010
22nd IPVS Jeju, Korea 2012
23rd  IPVS Cancun, Mexico 2014
24th  IPVS Dublin, Ireland 2016
25th  IPVS Chongqing, China 2018