Constitution & Operating Procedures


(JUNE 2012 as amended JUNE 2018)

  1. Name
    The Society shall be known as The International Pig Veterinary Society (IPVS).
  2. Definition
    The International Pig Veterinary Society (IPVS) is
    an association of specialists in pig health and production.
  3. Objectives
    The objectives of the Society shall be the following:

    1. the holding of International congresses for the exchange of knowledge related to pig health and production.
    2. the promotion of the formation of Pig Veterinary Societies in all pig producing countries and promotion of cooperation between such societies.
  4. Membership
    1. Membership shall be open to all veterinarians interested in the aims of the Society.
    2. A member is any veterinarian who is a registered delegate at the Congress during which the General Assembly is being held.
    3. Associate membership shall be open to non-veterinarians interested in the aims of the Society.
    4. Voting rights vest in individual members and not in interest groups or companies.
  5. Structure of the Society
    1. General Assemblies
      A General Assembly of the IPVS shall be held to coincide with every biennial congress organized.
    2. Denomination and role of office bearers
      The officers of the Society shall be a President, a Chairperson of the Board and a General Secretary.

      The main task of the President is with the help of his/her committee, to organize the International Congress of the Society for which they have successfully bid.

      Office bearers must be veterinarians.

      A General Secretary of the Society shall be appointed by the IPVS Board.

      The role of the General Secretary is to ensure continuity.

    3. Procedures for the election of office bearers
      Aspirant future congress hosts (bidding committees) shall nominate their candidates for the post of President of the IPVS.

      The President-elect shall become President at the conclusion of the Biennial General Assembly of the Society immediately preceding the congress for which they have successfully bid.

      Should a President resign or leave office, he will be replaced by a nominee of the Local Organizing Committee [LOC].

    4. Board
      The IPVS Board shall consist of the President, the President-elect, the 5 most recent  Presidents and the General Secretary of the IPVS Board.

      The outgoing President will become the Chairperson of the Board.

      Should one of the following continents, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania not be represented on the Board as constituted above, veterinarians from such continents may suggest representatives as delegates to the Board. Such delegates shall have the right to vote.

      If necessary a Board member shall be replaced by a secundus from the same LOC as that of which the Board member was President.   Should the LOC fail to nominate a secundus, the Board will be entitled to select a suitable replacement.

    5. Honorary Life Membership
      Any member of the IPVS can nominate a veterinarian for Life Membership of the IPVS in recognition of dedicated service to the IPVS. Such nomination should be received by the IPVS Board at least three months prior to a General Assembly. Should the Board approve the nomination, it will be submitted to the General Assembly for ratification.
  6. Congresses
    1. Congresses shall be held periodically, preferably biennially.
    2. At the General Assembly held during each International Congress, the date and venue for the next congress shall be confirmed. The congress venue and proposed date for the congress thereafter will be decided by vote should there be more than one bid.
    3. The President and his/her organizing committee are responsible for procuring funds for financing their congress.
    4. The IPVS Board will ensure that should a LOC fail to organize their congress timeously, alternate arrangements will be made.
  7. Amendments to the Constitution
    Proposed amendments to the constitution must be submitted to the General Secretary at least 12 weeks before the next General Assembly for consideration by the IPVS Board. Should the Board approve the proposed amendment(s), the latter shall be submitted to the General Assembly for ratification.


    All congress organizers are required to provide a detailed report to the IPVS Board within twelve months of the congress which they have organized. This report must include details of the scientific programme, social programme, delegate registration information, sponsorships received and preliminary [unaudited] financial statements. Furthermore, an audited financial report must be provided to the IPVS Board within twenty-four months of the congress. See the link, obligations of  LOCs for details.
    The Organizing Committee of the congress shall also be responsible for providing transportation to and from the congress, complimentary registration and lodging during the congress for: The Immediate Past President, the General Secretary and the President-elect. The Organizing Committee of the congress shall provide complimentary congress registrations to all past Presidents and Honorary Life Members.
    The duties of the General Secretary shall be to ensure continuity of congresses, ensure adherence to the constitution and run the day to day affairs of the society.These duties shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

    1. Databases of members (delegates)
    2. Databases of National or specialist Pig Veterinary Organizations
    3. Maintaining an IPVS website
    4. Maintaining historical records
    The Board shall elect a member of the Board as Treasurer of the IPVS to administer the funds of the office of the IPVS secretariat. The Treasurer is elected at the Board meeting during each congress.
    The Board shall make each Local Organising Committee [LOC] aware of the latter's responsibility to fund the IPVS Secretariat for a two year period after the congress they have organized. The LOC must therefore budget accordingly.