Guidelines for LOCs


  1. Check the lecture facilities well. Do the site inspection while a congress is in progress [i.e. attend a congress on site before selecting the venue].
    • Acoustics
    • Temperatures in lecture halls
    • Lecture aids: pointers
    • Screen size in relation to room size
  2. Signage to indicate the location of lecture halls.
  3. Daily programme must be easy to read [letters not too small] [and colour coded?]
  4. Drinks and snacks in the registration area are welcomed and appreciated by delegates.
  5. Avoid clashes with sponsored events/symposia where possible.  Clear guidelines to avoid clashes must be provided to sponsors.
  6. Stagger keynote lectures to enable better attendance thereof.
  7. Sponsor registration and travel expenses where appropriate for:
    • researchers [who do not get assistance from industry]
    • students
    • individuals who helped review papers
  8. Have names on both sides of the nametags.
  9. AVOID sponsors’ names on the name tags. Definitely, DO NOT have the name of only one sponsor on the nametag.
  10. The company regulations of sponsors do not favour five star and vacation venues:  if a vacation venue is chosen, ensure that there is also cheaper accommodation available near the venue.
  11. Organizers must endeavour to arrange public transport from the hotels to the venue.


Raffle a valuable prize at the conclusion of the General Assembly and advertise the raffle widely well before the congress in order to encourage delegates to book their return tickets accordingly, i.e. after the General Assembly.