2012 Proceedings (Jeju, Korea)

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2014 Proceedings (Cancun, Mexico)

Volume I

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2016 Proceedings (Dublin, Ireland)

2018 Proceedings (Chongqing, China)

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Financial Reporting from Congress LOC's

Previous IPVS websites

2016 IPVS Congress, Dublin,  Ireland

2018 IPVS Congress, Chongqing, China
The Chinese LOC for the 25th IPVS Congress held in Chongqing, China prepared an up to date history booklet which can be viewed online.

Websites of future congresses

2020 IPVS Congress, Florianópolis, Brazil

Pig Industry

Industry magazines/periodicals:

Other pig industry organizations: see Other organizations on this website

Secretariat / General Secretary

The following documents can be downloaded:

  1. Duties of the General Secretary - download Duties
  2. Tasks of the General Secretary at  IPVS  congresses - download Tasks
  3. Pro forma worksheet for Agenda for General Assembly - download Worksheet